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Hybrid Prophecy

August 9, 2019

Falling in love with her best friend is the last thing sixteen-year-old Yasmine wants to do. But it's inevitable. Terrace is kind, protective and a science prodigy. He gives up his bed for her just so she can have a safe place to sleep after she wakes from night terrors.  Prophesizing the deaths of everyone she loves and the destruction of entire races of people fill her dreams night after night, and Terrace is there for her. Yasmine never imagined that Terrace would be the one to cause her death.

Terrace has done everything in his power as the leader of the rogue army against the Coalition for the Superior Race to prevent Yasmine from finding out what he is, what she is, hybrids mixed with the DNA of gods.  Daivat, the scientist that created them, is determined to destroy all races in order to populate the earth with his superior beings. Yasmine and Terrace discover that they were created to be together, but when Terrace’s family kidnapped him when he was a baby and hid him from the coalition, Mysin was his replacement. Mysin is willing to die for Yasmine. Daivat created him with the blood of a serpent god intentionally making Mysin prone to evil. However, Daivat hadn’t planned for how much Mysin would love Yasmine. Yasmine’s existence is tied to both Mysin and Terrace.

The battle to save Yasmine’s friends and family will cause her to question everything she knows about love, honor, and sacrifice.

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